MAD Solutions has released the teaser trailer of the romantic comedy film 90 Days, directed by Khalid Alharbi, featuring a star-studded cast, and produced by Afkar Algad for Artistic Production. In a collaboration with Rowad Media For Production And Distribution, the film will shortly be released in Saudi theaters.

The teaser trailer introduces the film's main characters, indicating the ongoing conflict between them without revealing more details. The film’s plot follows Sara, a doctor who refused to marry until she finds the right one, and when that man comes along, she marries him hoping for a good life ahead. However, she finds out a dark secret that he has been keeping from her, which turns their lives upside down.



This revelation leads to a series of events that unveil a common behavior that contradicts the Islamic legislation.

Produced by Faisal Alharbi, the cast of 90 Days includes a number of well-known Saudi actors and actresses, including Faisal Al Zahrani, Marwa Mohamed, Muhammad Al Hashi, Fay Fouad, Badr Al Matrafi, and Wedd Osama. In addition to the veteran Saudi celebrities; Sanaa Bakr Younis, Abdul Aziz Alsokayreen, and Khalid Alharbi.

Khalid AlHarbi is a Saudi award-winning writer, actor, director, and producer who participated in several Saudi and Arab projects, making his breakthrough as a writer through the 12-season kids show Baba Farhan Stories. Khalid is one of a few Saudi actors, who broke out of the local works to take part in other non-Saudi projects across the Arab region, building a repertoire that includes more than 100 works as an actor.

He previously won a number of awards, including the Golden Award from the Gulf Radio and Television Festival for his series Ayam w Laialy.

Khalid AlHarbi won Best Screenplay for his film National Dialogue at Jeddah Film Festival. Additionally, he has received recognition from various prestigious institutions, including the

Saudi Ministry of Media for all of his works devoted to children, and the International Festival of Universities for his contribution to the Saudi university theater.

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